These Are the Dirtiest Cities in the World

What does it feel like to wait in line for hours in the burning sun just to fill one pot of water? Is segregating plastic whilst standing knee deep in a pile of garbage, a dignified task? While many of us wake up each morning on a comfortable bed and have the luxury of surfing social media on our smartphones, it’s just another day of survival for many people in poor countries.

The world is going through environmental challenges with regard to pollution of the air, water and depletion of natural resources. But in many countries across Asia and Africa, living in squalor and in conditions that are below the acceptable standard of living is nothing new. Many poor people expose themselves to a host of diseases and illnesses, but are forced to live with that reality.

We put together a list of the top 30 cities in the world which are dealing with a range of issues like pollution, toxic water supply, inadequate sanitation systems, poor waste disposal systems and inefficient authorities.

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