Most Dangerous Bugs In The World That You Should Stay Away From

Puss Caterpillars

#38 Puss Caterpillars

Puss caterpillars are deceptive-looking. The fluffiness of their bodies makes them look pretty cute and even somewhat cuddly, but that fuzziness is deceiving. That fur is venomous and will release toxins into your body that lead to severe pain!

This pain can also progress into chest discomfort, breathing difficulty, and body-wide numbness. Why does this happen? Well, these”furry strands” on the back of this caterpillar are actually spines.

The venom released from them causes a reaction in the body that is akin to blunt-force trauma in terms of pain. With all the possible side effects, most experts recommend that all spines be removed from the skin within the first few hours after the incident, with proper treatment administered after that.

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