5 Best Road Trip Games (Family and Kids Friendly)

The Alphabet Game

3. The Alphabet Game

A simple game with no planning needed is the Alphabet Game! We’ve all played this at least once, spending hours on the road completing the alphabet with roadside billboards.

This game is pretty simple to play and extremely addictive. Players in the car spot words on passing billboards that start with the letter A. Once words with letter A have been found, they start looking for words that start with letter B, and so on, all the way to Z, when the game ends.

If you play this with your kids, you’ll either have blessed silence as they try to find a Q or you’ll have to settle a fight or two over acceptable letter sightings.

You could pull this out as you set off or as back up when the kids start to get bored. Our tip? Save yourself the headache and set the ground rules before anything starts.

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