30 Ways To Be Social While Social Distancing During Covid 19

The Pandemic was harsh on all of us as it turned our lives 360 degrees. We all were compelled to do things that we couldn’t imagine in our lives. There was a compulsion of going out but still, it did not deter us to do things as per our liking.

Although you are compelled to stay at your home and can not go out you certainly don’t have to kill your desires for it! There are plenty of things you can do by just sitting at home and exploring a new dimension.

It will not be wrong to call this year the year of the digital revolution. Covid 19 has brought digitalization into our lives making us explore more virtual options to socialize.

It has enabled us to explore a variety of options and our life is now more exposed to social media. So, here’s a list of 30 ways of being social while still following social distancing during Covid

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