30 Occupations That May Disappear in the Few Decades

The world of work has kept humanity progressing, improving lives by lifting billions of people out of unemployment and poverty, which also resulted in significant societal and environmental changes.

Dating back to the first Industrial revolution in the 17th century and the advent of factories and technology that could do the work of hundreds of men in a faster and more efficient way; there’s no doubt that the industrial revolutions that followed after showed vast technological advancement, further emboldening the subject of automation.

Automation, the process of converting manually run devices into to automatically run machines, has been a long-standing threat in the world of work. And as we make progress into the next technological era, it already stands that, in the U.S, over 400,000 jobs have been lost to automation from 1997 to 2007.

It has been projected that by 2030 robots and automated machines will replace approximately 20 million jobs; mostly in factories. Advocates for this movement note the impeccability of machines and the rising cost of human labor; an automation takeover seems just about time.

Due to our current age of information, staying abreast of news is almost a necessity, so that nothing comes as a surprise.

With that, some jobs in decline that will be mentioned would be some that have seen their glory days and have succumbed because their service is no longer of need, while others are jobs still employing hundreds upon thousands of people and possible mass job loss could have troubling consequences.

Read on to find out which occupations might not be around in the years to come.

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